Your Blueprint to Financial Freedom!

As a further committment to assisting you in completing your Blueprint to Financial Freedom we’d like to introduce the Plus Profit Academy!

Welcome to Plus Profit Academy

Our objective is to provide outstanding personal and small business education courses plus offer Members the opportunity to use the new All-in-One American Standard Wallet – ASW Prepaid Debit Card.  Plus Profit offers 3 different Membership Packages to learn and grow both your personal and business knowledge.  While these great courses are for sale to the public, as a Plus Profit Member, you will have access to take many of these courses at NO COST, depending upon your membership level.

Now, here’s where it really gets exciting.  Not only can you take the ongoing education courses and use your own ASW Debit Card for nearly everything globally, but you can purchase additional PlusProfit Academy Gold positions (which each include an ASW Debit Card) and sell them for $150 each.  But, the big news is that, each time someone uses a card from an Academy position you sold them, you earn from every one of their transactions no matter where it’s used around the world.  This is a potential revenue stream that usually only Banks are able to participate in.

When you get the card it can be activated immediately.  There are no credit checks, no prerequisites, no overdraft fees, no late fees, and no interest charges.  It’s a virtual bank account that is safer than cash and you can take it with you wherever you go. 

Here’s How it works (once the website and coding are complete - later this month)

  1. Choose your Member Package
  2. Sign up for a FREE Subscription for this Plus Profit Academy website.
  3. Send in your Membership payment.
  4. Once your payment has been verified, you will receive your Debit Card(s) and card activation code(s).
  5. Log into your Debit Card account at, activate your card and start using your card.
  6. Come back here to Plus Profit Academy, login, and start taking courses.  We will automatically upgrade your free subscription here to your paid Membership level.
  7. You can upgrade your Plus Profit Membership at any time to receive more FREE Debit Cards and have access to additional courses at no cost.

3 Member Packages

GOLD Membership – $150  

  • All Personal Finance Courses
  • All Business Finance Courses
  • 1 FREE ASW Debit Card


DIAMOND Membership – $450  

  • All Personal Finance Courses
  • All Business Finance Courses
  • All Personal Development Courses
  • 3 FREE ASW Debit Cards

PLATINUM Members – $1,050  

  • All Personal Finance Courses
  • All Business Finance Courses
  • All Personal Development Courses
  • All Marketing and Advertising Courses
  • 7 FREE ASW Debit Cards

When you join Plus Profit you get free access to the Plus Profit Academy AND a FREE ASW Debit Card!  The Academy has courses to help you manage your money, build a Home Based Business, Give Presentations and be successful at Network Marketing.

Couses Include:


Some of our courses are available at no cost to Plus Profit Members.   If you are not already a Profit Plus Member, you will be able register soon once the software coding and website are complete (scheduled for later this month).

However, if you want to take listed courses for the listed price, you will be able to  sign up, select your course, make a secure payment, and start your lessons once the website and coding are complete.

Updated: 19 November 2016     © 2016 ~ Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired)