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Earn Residual Income Using Your 

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...ASW Debit Card!

Long overdue - there is finally an opportunity that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can succeed at, and here’s why.

One of the primary problems in any industry is attrition.  People sign up and then only enroll a few people themselves and then that’s it, no more efforts in many cases and no duplication, and then they quit.  The reasons they throw in the towel are too numerous to cover here.

We have a SOLUTION!  First off our product, the First Academy, provides training on such crucial topics as Starting a Home Business, How to Build a Website, Household Budgeting, Giving Presentations and much more.  All courses are designed to educate you in maters of finance and business to help you avoid the pitfalls of credit, business and life in general.  Also included is the ASW Debit Card which provides you with a portion of all fees generated when the card is used!  The video below gives and idea of some of the fees you’ll get a part of by using this innovative card.

4 Minute Overview

Make Money On Transactions In Over 120 Countries 

The video below explains fully just why we all need a “Financial Plan B”!  The old paradigm of ‘going to school, getting a good education and working for one company for 40 years to retire and live the good life’ just won’t work any more!  Having something we can build on the side while we continue to work our ‘main job’ is a smart thing to do no matter who you are!

Here’s a video that addresses the War on Cash:

Here’s the last segment of the 9/8/16 "Your DIY Health"  show where we made the Official Rollout of the ASW Debit Card with Sgt. Jim Ramm (retired), Roger Sayles and John Kacarab.

Here’s the last segment of the 10/20/16 "Your DIY Health" show where I gave a break down on the card and how it could benefit someone who switches to this card from whatever they’re currently using!


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